Here’s a selection of some of my published essays:

This piece, about my experience as an adjunct professor, was published in the “Preoccupations” column of The New York Times¬† Business Section.

Quenching a Thirst for Knowledge, The New York Times


These five short pieces describe different aspect of my life as a Peace Corps volunteer in Guyana in the late 90s.¬† They were published this past spring in Ohio State’s literary magazine, The Journal.

Five Short Essays

Here’s a long essay about my maid Eulis in Guyana published by the University of Virginia’s Meridian magazine:

Woman Rain

This essay won the Lantern Books Essay Contest, and has been reprinted in Yoga+, Positive News, Mindful Metropolis, and Many Hands.

Simple Gifts from Guyana

This essay, about a bicycling thief I encountered when I lived in New York City, was included in Fearless Confessions: A Writer’s Guide to Memoir:

Rob Me Again, Brevity


The story of one of my vocational training school students in Guyana, this essay appears in The Best Women’s Travel Writing 2011:

Georgetown, Guyana, Narrative Magazine


This essay about the physical rigors of life in Guyana first appeared in Terrain Magazine, and is now anthologized in The Best Travel Writing 2011.

Educating the Body


This essay won Peace Corps Writers Experience Award, and appears on the Peace Corps website:

Telling Time

Guyana Savannah